Best way to express yourself in the job interview

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Are you expressing yourself properly in your job interview?

One of the complications we face when going to job interviews is knowing how to talk to the interviewer. It can be very difficult when we don’t have much experience, that’s why we’re here to tell you which is the best way to express yourself in any job interview.

First of all, it’s very common that people get very nervous and anxious when entering an interview. So you must remain calm and confident at all times. It’s important to have a good posture, a firm voice and to maintain your hands and feet steady. Once we have that covered, it will be much easier to express yourself better. Always remember that this is your one chance to make a good impression and it’s not hard to achieve it if you focus and say the right words.

What will matter in a job interview will be the answers you give when asked questions. So ask yourself, how can I make the biggest impression today?

There are several mistakes that are made frequently and can make a person fail in an interview.
The following list contains examples of them and a small tip on how to avoid them:

  • Filler Words
Best way to express yourself in the job interview
Best way to express yourself in any job interview

All of us use them, and it’s not bad when we’re having a conversation with our friends or family, but it can be a problem once we’re in a more formal situation.
The use of filler words such as: “um”, “like” or “you know”, will have an impact in your credibility as a worker, regarding your knowledge on the job you’re applying to and how confident you are as a professional. So try to avoid them at all cost. How to do it? A good way is to know when you are more likely to use the filler words, so record and listen to yourself when having conversations, you’ll see that there are times when you use these words more often, perhaps after a word or a sentence. After you know this, try to avoid them in your every-day conversations. If you can’t do this, try to pause every time you feel like using the fillers. You must practice daily and you will surely be able to get rid of them in no time.

  • Excessive Talking

The time is limited on interviews. Many people think that the best way to make a good impression is by saying all they know, this can cause a person to talk too much and end up making the interviewer exhausted. So Breathe! Say the essential, make your talk general and show them that you are aware of the details, without getting too deep with them.
If you want to ask questions, make them clear and strictly related to the work you’ve applied.

  • Being too friendly

Sometimes interviewers speak in friendly terms to job-seekers, however, this does not mean that they should act the same way towards them. It’s important to remember that the interviewer is not your family or friend, so you must always keep a distance and acknowledge your position. Let them guide the conversation, and respond to them in accordance to what they’re asking.

  • Slang Words

If we get too comfortable during the interview, it’s very likely to be tempted to use slang words. Don’t let the words slip out! Remember that whatever happens during the interview, it is a formal situation, where informal words won’t be well considered. So speak clearly, respectfully, objectively, and directly. This way you will not be risking spoiling your one chance to get the job.

You can see that is not complicated making a good impression by expressing correctly, there are little things that can make you a hired professional. So practice until you manage to express clearly and formally. Be honest to yourself and to the interviewer, keep your mind straight and focused and you will surely succeed!

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