Being professionally competitive nowadays

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Being professionally competitive nowadays

Being professionally competitive is a challenge every worker must want to face today; it’s no longer a requirement to be better, it’s a basic necessity to survive in the job market and keep up with it.

Making a difference is something we hear over and over again, and in essence it is what we need to be competitive, but the answers we need are more about the “hows” than the actions on their own; being different is intrinsic, it’s something we’re born with, therefore we do not need to find the difference externally, but in ourselves, and from there, project it towards the labor field.

This means that what will make you competent is embodying your personality in your professional vision. Nobody will ever be able to think your same thoughts, no one will ever see what you see; that is your professional advantage, it’s what determines you and strengthens you to make something distinctive out of your career. Find yourself, acknowledge who you are, and only then will you be ready to fit in the job market and be the most competitive version of yourself.

Route to competitiveness (Considerations)

  1. Be sure of what your professional destiny will be: See yourself in one more decade, where do you want to be?
  2. Define what will make yourself the best professional: Studying, visiting countries in the search for knowledge, taking extra courses, get a master’s degree, etc.
  3. Establish your time: Create an agenda with your professional goals; don’t worry, you still have a lot of time to execute all the activities you propose to yourself. Don’t rush; pressure will only stress you and prevent you from moving at the pace you’d like.
  4. Being professionally competitive nowadays
    Being professionally competitive nowadays

    Get famous: Create virtual networks, become the king or queen of networking, keep your work profile up to date, meet important people in your circle, generate relationships that can become contacts in the future. Make sure everyone knows your name.

  5. Don’t lose your focus: There’s a point in some people’s lives where the only thing that matters are digits; the bigger the number, the bigger the accomplishment. Sadly enough, numbers go up and fall down unexpectedly. Don’t let big numbers distract you from your purpose and don’t let little ones bring you down. Appreciate the comments you get, let feedback become your benchmark for success.
  6. Explore: There will be times when you feel there’s nothing left to do or that changing things means risking too much. Competitiveness is about growing without limits; taking risks is a part of the experience, explore markets or opportunities, and give them a shot. If you fail, keep on exploring until you’ve reached what you wanted.
  7. Think about the environment: Many companies have lost credibility and support because of their lack of consciousness with the environment. After all, job success is a reciprocal thing between the community and professionals.

You need to consider that competitiveness does not mean aggressiveness, on the contrary, being competitive goes beyond wanting to destroy your competition, it’s focused on establishing clean relationships with them and seeking your personal differentiation. It’s interesting the inverse situation you get with competitiveness, the less you think about your competition, the more space you have to develop your ideas, business, and career; it doesn’t mean you have to ignore it, you just have to focus on yourself and not on what your threats are up to.

Being competitive is something that depends exclusively on you. Whether you’re working for a firm, are a freelancer, entrepreneur, boss, there is no one who can make you feel less competent, in every field there’s an opportunity to be professionally different. You can reach the highest standards of competitiveness, make the right choice and fill your career with accomplishments and success.


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