Be the first in class to find a job

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Is it necessary to be the first in class to find a job?

It’s a question that many wonder when they’re about to end their careers and enter the labor market. Fear of failure is one of the most overwhelming thoughts in the mind of many youths. Is it necessary to be the best in my class to get a job?

The time before entering for the first time in the labor market is a very complicated moment for many young people. Not only because of the lack experience and fear of facing a totally different reality, but because the grades of some students aren’t all that great and many believe that this can jeopardize the chances of finding a good job.

Being first in class can be helpful when someone starts to look for a job without any experience. What we mean by this is that in the labor field those who have obtained better grades can be advantaged in finding their first jobs.

If you were one of the firsts students in your class, congratulations!

First in class to find a job
First in class to find a job

Now, if you weren’t one of them, we can tell you to not be discouraged because this won’t affect you permanently or make your job hunting impossible or more difficult. This is an absolute myth and it must be overthrown.

Grades are important when it comes to a career, but they are not a reflection of the ability a person has to perform a job. Grades can reflect the learned course material, but in a job what really matters is what’s put into practice and how efficient a worker can be. This is why even though we encourage students to work hard to learn and form their selves as professionals, we can say that grades aren’t everything and in order to find a stable job all that we need is perseverance. Sometimes starting from scratch is the most effective way to progress and grow, and it’s a right way to advance in our working life. No one will ask for grades after someone has done one or two jobs. So the message we’re trying to tell is to not feel overwhelmed, discouraged or desperate for not having the best academic results. There are many young adults who have been through the same and that are involved in big projects today doing what they love. Most of the people start with nothing on their hands and build their way on their own little by little.

So, a little tip to have more possibilities of being taken in consideration…

Make your resume attractive. Many times the resume is the only document an interviewer will have access to select people to go to the job interview, so it’s your task to make your resume striking and show who you are in a powerful piece of paper.

Have you done any courses? Include them!
Do you have an expertise? Include it!
Do you know other languages? Include them!

All that you know has to be poured into that sheet called resume. Without any doubts it will help your written presentation be much more impressive and any professional recruiting staff will take this into account.

It’s always a good thing when looking for a job for the first time to have a reference letter from a teacher. Sometimes students work really hard and their grades don’t reflect it, so it’s important to have this little document.

If you’re starting college cheer up and compromise yourself with your education. If you’re finishing and you are scared of the future, we assure you that things aren’t as terrible as they seem, many have done it already and many are yet to come; now it’s your moment and you have to be optimistic of what the future holds for you.

Grades don’t define a worker but rather its spirit of determination and ambition for personal growth.


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