Be careful with your Linkedin profile!

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Wrong or changed information in your Linkedin profile can get you fired

Linkedin is currently one of the most powerful tools to do networking in the professional field. Here you’ll be able to have work offers and find useful news to find opportunities in the work world. The problem is that even though this is a friendly tool, one slight modification could cost you the job.

The Linkedin profile is a public element, therefore, all your information could be available for third parties to see. This includes your friends, colleagues and even your bosses and employer. “What is the problem then?” You might be asking yourself. The problem is that if your employer clicks on your profile and sees something that doesn’t seem right to him/her, you might actually be asked to leave the job for good.

your Linkedin profile can get you fired
your Linkedin profile can get you fired

Yes, it can sound a bit excessive, however, in 2012, a worker named John Flexman, was fired from his job in BG Group Plc. Because he had checked a box that mentioned that he was looking for: career opportunities and had “negative” content published there. After a very controversial process, Flexman still left the company. The answer the company gave was that he hadn’t made a good use of social media and that he was “violating the company’s new policy”

So, before having to go through an unnecessary situation such as this one, we can take a few preventive measures to avoid being fired from a publication on Linkedin.   
Under no circumstances remove your Linkedin profile from the web. It’s an extremely useful site and it will help you in the future. Immediately discard that idea.
What you must do is research and find out if there are any social media policies that you should be aware of, it might forbid you to do certain things on the web regarding your job.
Then, make sure that you have all the right information in your profile. We’ve created a list with 10 things that you should never do on your Linkedin Profile.

On your Linkedin profile should never:

    1. Speak badly of your older employments or current one
    2. Put different information from the one you gave to your company in your resume
    3. Include personal information about your company (statistics, reports, etc.)
    4. Check the “Career Opportunities” box
    5. Give references to others if your company’s policy forbids it
    6. Put a different description of yourself than the one you offered to your company (An extreme and random example could be: “I hate math”, while working for a bank, or a more realistic one: “I’d like to work for an important company someday”, discrediting your actual company)
    7. Be incoherent with the dates you publish
    8. Don’t publish anything that says that you’re looking for a new job
    9. Present a non-professional image (Linkedin is a page for work opportunities, you always need to keep an image, not doing it can truly upset your employer)
    10. Leave out information that your boss has about your work history

    It’s very easy to make mistakes, in fact, some of these things might actually not be seen as mistakes because they can seem unfair. However, we’re not owners of the work system and therefore, it’s better to be one step ahead of the situations, rather than experience unpleasant consequences.


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