45+: 6 Tips to Professionaly Update Yourself

6 tips to professionals 45+: Have you been migrating professionally in time? A worker over 45 years old has probably been through an extensive road of work experiences. Possibly migrating from one job to another and with it updating its knowledge to the advancements of every day. However, there are many people that haven’t been … Read more

6 Qualities recruiters look for in a resume

6 Qualities recruiters look for in a resume It’s easy to write things on paper, but sometimes it’s not so easy writing the right words, especially when it comes to writing the resume and describing ourselves. When writing the resume it’s essential to remember that every job is different from another and therefore the needs … Read more

European Resume for hospitality and Tourism Administration

European Resume for hospitality and Tourism Administration This template of European Resume for hospitality and Tourism Administration gives you an idea of how to lay out your Cv in a professionally formatted and well-worded way, for any job position you want to apply! (Hospitality, Leisure Collections, resorts, spa, travelling, etc) Download in PDF format || … Read more

The different sections of the resume

How to write each section of the resume Creating a good resume requires a bit of an effort, but it’s not really a hard task to do, it’s just one that demands all of our attention, care and compromise. If you know what the purposes of each section are, you’ll have an easier time focusing … Read more

How often do we change jobs?

How often do we change jobs? Job permanence is related to a job’s specific factors, such as its environment, personal satisfaction, the work possibilities a country has, or personal factors like its professional title, master degree, etc. How happy is a person with its job? What possibilities doe he/she have of moving to a better … Read more

Resume Cover Letter Template 01

Example of Resume Cover Letter template for professional translator Here is a downloadable and editable example to develop your Resume Cover Letter or to take it as a general reference, when you are preparing the letter that accompany your resume and to be sent with the resume when you are applying for an employment. Download … Read more


How to start writing a resume? Useful tips to write the resume There are several tips that will help you start writing a good resume. Before you begin writing it, it’s important that you take a look to all your work background, that way you’ll start off in the right path. Take some paper and … Read more

How to improve your resume

How to improve your resume If you haven’t been successful in your job applications you’re probably wondering what you’re doing wrong. It’s important to always present an optimized resume. In order for you to do that, you have to be constantly searching for mistakes and correcting them. First of all, you have to take all … Read more

What to do at the beginning and during the interview

What to do at the beginning and during the interview We assume now that you’ve already checked out all the steps and advice we’ve given you to be ready for the interview; preparing your attire, researching the company and rehearsing your questions and answers. After all of your preparation the interview day will come and … Read more