How do I write my first resume?

How do I write my first resume? It’s finally time to experience the beginning of your own work life! You’ve been getting ready for this stage of your life many years. It’s now the moment to build your whole destiny and face these new professional situations that are anxiously waiting for you. Every decision taken … Read more

8 Ways to succeed with ATS

8 Ways to succeed with ATS or Programs filter job candidates The days of manually checking thousands of resumes printed and presented in paper and ink are over; Recruiters job has become easier, they have more time, and the search for the perfect candidate is quite fast in comparison to what it was 20 years … Read more

Future with too many employees

Are we living in a society with too many employees and entrepreneurs? What do you think when a new electronic gadget is launched in the market? Maybe you feel impressed or want to have the product in your hands as soon as possible. The age of the machines is among us and here to stay … Read more

Is the problem the age or our value?

45+ Why am I not being hired? Is the problem the age or our value? In the site we’ve already analyzed the tough situations that people past 40 are facing nowadays. It’s still an existential question the reason/s why employers won’t consider these workers even if they know the advantages that hiring someone over 45 … Read more

job interview online simulation

Be ready: Job interview online simulation! If you want to prepare yourself in the best way for the next job interview , you should do homework, ie to do a demo interview practice online or helped by a friend or colleague. One of the most effective methods to prepare for the job interview is by … Read more

What will I be asked in the job interview?

Frequently asked questions in the job interview Are you graduating college and want to work? Are you still studying but want to find a job? Maybe you are the first in your class or you’ve received a job offer while still studying, you’re probably having some doubts that might make you nervous before the interview, doubts that … Read more

Be more productive in your job

Control your mind in your job Mental exercises and activities to be more productive in the workplace Have you felt like you can’t deal with your thoughts? Like if your mind was visiting a ton of places it shouldn’t be. It’s possible that we’ve all felt like that once in our life; the biggest problem … Read more

Win-Win game: Hiring young people

Win-Win Game: hiring young people 8 reasons to hire someone young Are you in your twenty’s and don’t know if you’re good enough to be working for a company? Are you someone who doesn’t know if there are benefits associated with hiring someone young? Whatever the case is, we can tell you that hiring a … Read more

LinkedIn: write things you can’t on the resume

LinkedIn: a virtual tool to expatiate How to use it to write things you can’t on the resume It can be very overwhelming to want to write more in your resume and can’t because you ran out of space. We’ve all been there, with the words on the tip of our fingers and with no … Read more