The Job Interview: Finding information about the Company

Finding information about the Company How to prepare the job interview: Looking for information about the company It’s a fact that each employer will exhaustively go through your information, references, online profile, publications, graphology data and references before making you a job offer. It’s logical and advisable that you do the same thing about the … Read more

Demo practice: job interview questions

Classic questions: practice with a demo interview Demo practice, classic questions in the job interview experience by answering similar questions to the ones you’ll be asked. You can do this interview with the help of a friend or relative, however, there are several companies that offer professional services of demo interviews. You can also record … Read more

Writing a Thank-You Letter after Interview

Writing a Thank-You Letter Email after Job Interview As we’ve already seen, a Thank-You letter is a way of following up after an interview. Just like the cover letter, this document is a valuable opportunity to “sell” your talents to the interviewer/recruiter. A thank-you letter is able to communicate with the company that you are still genuinely interested … Read more

Writing a Resume Cover Letter

Writing a Resume Cover Letter As its name states it, a cover letter is a brief letter that is sent with the resume to introduce or present ourselves when applying for a job. The principal functions that the cover letter has are: Presenting yourself and introducing your resume Highlighting your strongest achievements throughout your experience … Read more

4 tips for good body language

4 tips for good body language Job interview Using the right type of non-verbal techniques is essential to be successful in any interview, especially a job interview, where body language is extremely relevant. Body language represents 55% of the messages that are sent during an interview; the rest of the percentage is basically what you … Read more

Crowdfunding: your entrepreneurship is possible

Crowdfunding: your entrepreneurship is possible Money, the universal obstacle for every entrepreneur. You have the idea, you have the will, you have the methods, but you don’t have a cent to put your dreams in practice, do you feel identified? If you want to start-up and what you need is money, crowdfunding might be the … Read more

Appearance in an interview is fundamental

Looking good in the interview Appearance in an interview is fundamental to get a job We always want to dress nice, be impeccably prepared for the occasion, and produce a visual impact on the recruiters. Looking good at the job interview can be seen as a type of test that we must ace. It’s not … Read more

Top online courses with job prospects

Links for top online courses If you are disciplined enough to study on your own, online courses are right for you. you can also have access to professional training, completing it according to your needs and availability, listening to your times and characteristics. Most of these online courses offers a broad and varied spectrum of … Read more

Job life: Changing your career-profession

Job life: Changing your career-profession at 40-45 After working an entire life in the same thing, we might want to breathe a new professional air, refresh our knowledge and start living new and improved work stage. Daring to do it is the first step and the most important one, we can do it if we … Read more

Being professionally competitive nowadays

Being professionally competitive nowadays Being professionally competitive is a challenge every worker must want to face today; it’s no longer a requirement to be better, it’s a basic necessity to survive in the job market and keep up with it. Making a difference is something we hear over and over again, and in essence it … Read more

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