Being prepared is essential for the job interview

Get ready: Being prepared is essential for the job interview It’s time for the interview; stress, fear and anxiety take over you. What to do? How to be successful? A simple word can solve your doubts and it is: preparation. It might happen that people always tell you to prepare yourself before going to a job … Read more

Job Interview: What are your aspirations?

How to respond to: What are your aspirations in our company? You’re in the interview and suddenly you’re asked: What are you looking for in our company? It’s a very complicated question mainly because of the many interpretations that it has. You’ll now know what the expected approach would be and the best way to … Read more

Is the interviewer a Professional?

What should we pay attention to when the interviewer is a Professional in Human Resources and when he’s not? In a job interview we might find different types of interviewers, in this opportunity we’ll analyse the differences that we should consider when the person in charge is a PHR and when he’s not. All interviewer’s … Read more

Resume example 01

Resume example 01 This Resume template gives you an idea of how to lay out your Cv in a professionally formatted and well-worded way, for any job you wants to apply! Download in PDF format || Download in DOC format   Pamela RIQUELME Email: / Phone: 123-98765 ————————————————————————————————————————– Professional Profile A goal orientated, high … Read more

After the holidays is the time to find a job!

Jobs that are looking for employees after the holidays This is the time to find a job! The beginning of the year can be a fresh start for you as a worker, and for many companies too. After the year ends companies make their general balances, they plan new ideas, develop new visions, and also … Read more

Job Opportunities after the holidays

Make the most out of the end of the festivities The end of the year gets closer, and the crowds start to show up everywhere. The sales in food, clothing and gifts tend to increase. Generally the amount of workers hired during the year aren’t enough with so much consumption, in order to keep a … Read more

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