Are you job hunting correctly?

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Finding a job is also up to you

We all wish we could go to sleep and wake up with our inbox full of job offers and some missed calls in our voicemail from the company of our dreams. Unfortunately, finding a job is a huge challenge and to do it, your participation will be the most important part of the game.

To do a good job we have to investigate correctly and accurately; defining unambiguous goals and directing ourselves according to what we previously established. It’s okay to take risks, but we always need to have everything clear before we start job hunting, only that way we’ll be sure we’re doing all we can to achieve our work goals appropriately and in the shortest amount of time. Researching beforehand will save you from being in awkward positions and will prevent you from wasting your hours in jobs with no promising possibilities.

How many companies are in your field?      

Are you job hunting correctly
Are you job hunting correctly

Start by finding out how many companies live in your area. It’s important that you quantify them, but also find out how many of those companies are willing to employ and do it by your aptitudes. So, settle the perimeter in which you wish to work (a physical location), and find all the companies that have employees developing in your field. Afterwards, filter companies according to their availability to hire, if they’re not hiring, it’ll be a waste of time to send your resume, because each of them has to be specifically personalized for the company you’re sending it to.

If you’ve done this, how many companies have you sent your resume to? It’s relevant that you send the document to all your options. Leaving fear behind is the best way to be successful; there is no company too big for you if you have the abilities they ask for. If you found two or ten companies, make sure to send your resume to all of them, with no pretexts. You’ll never know what company might’ve considered you if you don’t use up all the resources available to you.

Finally, ask yourself, am I really being proactive? We read about proactivity all of the time, so much that we start to think that we actually are. It’s quite easy to believe that we are proactive; while being the very opposite.

It’s not just sending resumes and waiting for a call; it’s motivating ourselves daily to make the wait something fruitful. It’s taking the power and transforming simple moments into opportunities. If you want to win, you need to be conscious about every step you take. Think, if I give step further, will I gain anything? If the answer to that is yes, do whatever is necessary to achieve what you’ve always wanted.

If you’ve been told that finding a job is something easy, they’ve lied to you. Unless you have really good luck or contacts, being hired will be hard work, but you’re closer to being employed than remaining jobless.

Become that person who doesn’t waste the moments life gives them, thank whoever’s in charge for your work opportunities, show that you’re interested, dedicate time to your job search, only then will you be able to say “I am a happy worker in my company”.
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