Advantages of hiring someone over 45

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Advantages & Reasons of hiring someone over 45 years old

People over 45 years that are currently unemployed face a hard time when it comes to finding a job. It’s not news to us that young people are preferred when recruiting staff. However, people over 45 have distinguishing features that make them extremely valuable and important for the work market.

It’s important to state the emotional state of a forty-five year old person. Mentally and psychologically a person (male or female) with this age is more stable. The fact that they’re not going through a time of development or transition from youth to adulthood allows them to be more focused and impersonal when working.

In the case of women, it’s likely for them to get pregnant when they’re 20 to 35 years old. It’s quite hard for them to have children and be working at the same time. If for instance, the child is sick, the mother will have to miss work; and like this, many other things can occur when having small kids. At 45 years, generally, mothers have teenagers or young-adult sons. This allows them to have more time, less concerns and less stress, which increases their productivity as workers.

When it comes to men, there’s always a discussion about their level of maturity. It surely is a subjective topic, but some studies suggest that men take longer to mature. Being mature in the workplace is important and a man with 45 years or more has acquired the experience to have enough maturity when facing stressful or frustrating situations at work. This is one of the benefits of hiring someone over 45 years old.

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In both men and women, the experience acquired at forty years or more is extremely high. This isn’t necessarily experience in the area that they’ve applied to, but emotional and intellectual experience. This type of experience helps a worker handle better situations that occur daily at work. A random example would be knowing how to be controlled when dealing with annoying co-workers. It’s happened that people have abandoned their jobs for not knowing how to cope with a hostile work environment or having bad relationships with their colleagues. A worker that is over 45 years old anticipates to these situations and handles them differently that a new professional. There are many examples like this one, but the importance of this is that the emotional state given strictly by experience must be well valued in a person that has worked for about 15 to 20 years.

Another benefit from hiring someone over 45 years old is the fact that he or she will have more available time, to for example, do overtime, attend an event outside the working hours or do some work at home.

Another perk comes from the technological world. We can see how social networks have taken over our society, especially of teens and young adults. A study made by Flurry, indicates that the average time a person spends on their phone daily is of 162 minutes, almost 3 hours. An average number that is constantly increasing. People in their forties or fifties sometimes feel as technology wasn’t made for them, so they’re not a part of it, or not excessively at least, especially during working hours.

Ethics and self-confidence are the most distinguishing features of a worker over 45 years old. A professional of that age can be a motivation to its co-workers, and can be helpful when the company is struggling because of all the situations he or she faced during its professional life.
Reality can be tough for workers from their forties onwards, this is why a change in the way many companies think is needed today and there are plenty of reasons to do it.

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  1. Hi
    It’s a very nice article. Its true that people above Age of 40 are mature enough to handle tough situation.They are able to take right decision due to their long experience.

    But it seems trend is to hiring more and more young people.
    Myself caught in same situation. Iam 45 year old. searching job since last 9 months.

    Can you please give me some tips to find out job.

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