8 Ways to succeed with ATS

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8 Ways to succeed with ATS

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The days of manually checking thousands of resumes printed and presented in paper and ink are over; Recruiters job has become easier, they have more time, and the search for the perfect candidate is quite fast in comparison to what it was 20 years from now, the reason? Automatized selection programs, commonly known as “ATS”.
Today we have to be extremely careful and put five times the effort on presenting the resume; computerized programs will not forgive anything.

The amount of resumes a company gets each day goes from units to thousands, depending on the company’s size and how well the job offer is presented. Years ago looking for candidates was exhausting, going through each resume manually was a task that seemed endless, especially considering that from hundreds of documents, only a few of them actually had a chance of being considered. It was easy to lose a perfect candidate because the sheets were scanned superficially and rushed; now it’s all different, the initial filter can discard more than 80% of the candidates in a matter of seconds. Given this way of choosing the staff, we are forced to generate a resume that is software-proof, and has a chance of being held by actual hands.

Surviving the initial recruiting filter

Keywords: Once you’re in the system, every corner of your resume will be inspected in the search for keywords. The program does not want generalizations, it wants specifications; include details of your achievements, it won’t help you to write “I’ve managed staff”, but if you turn that phrase around and write details, such as, “executed”, “succeeded”, “increased”, etc. you will have more possibilities.
You won’t have a word to spare, so balance out the keywords and don’t fill out everything with them. Find out what the job’s objectives are and construct a base from there, including the right amount of these words.

Resume Sample Marketing Communications Manager
Resume Sample Marketing Communications Manager

Grammar: Misspellings are something the software won’t tolerate; it’s the first sign that warns recruiters that the candidate might be careless and uncommitted. If there are mistakes in the very first presentation sheet, which also happens to be quite brief, how will the worker be in the future? Spend more time looking for mistakes, show the resume to your acquaintances, and once you’re fully convinced that your resume is mistake free, send in the document.

Excessive reiteration: Move forward and don’t repeat the things you’ve already states; if you don’t reiterate everything over and over again you’ll have more space to develop other abilities and include more keywords in your resume.

Pages: Be concise, use words that have the power to describe big situations in a small sentence. Being able to summarize your professional life in one little piece of paper will be key to get past the recruiting software.

Simplicity: Trying too hard to make a visual impact could be a mistake, make neatness and prolixity your priority, if you include special characters, unknown fonts, or even pictures, you could be sending your resume directly to the recycle bin. A simple font with the suitable size (for example, Arial 12) and the right format will make your resume get in the system without complications.

Honesty: Some candidates include information that isn’t completely true or that has been exaggerated to cause a bigger impact and move to the next stage. The candidate might get away with this, but it’ll only be for a little while; the time to prove the description in the resume will come and that’s when problems will arrive. Let’s include all of our attributes realistically and within our reach.

Correct terminology: surely the resume selection program will search for the words used in the ad, so you must include in the document the words used to define the position offered in the ad.

Appropriate document: If you are asked in the ad to send a certain type of document, is because the selection program works only with this specific kind of files, if you want to advance in the selection process and get an appointment to a job interview, you must send the appropriate document!

Don’t let a software take from you the possibilities of being considered for the job interview. If you pay attention to the details presented and send a clear document, your resume will unquestionably be read by human eyes and you will be able to be a part of the company of your dreams.

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