8 tips: Dressing for an interview

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Dressing for an interview: Image and Professional Attire for a job interview

It is a fact that many struggle finding the right clothes to wear for an interview. It is, after all, the first time you will walk through the doors of the company you want to work for. But you are not to worry, we are here to help you find a suitable attire for your interview.

The first job interview will also be the first time you have a chance to make a good impression. Making a good impression is all about balance; appropriate verbal and body language as well as wearing a professional attire.
Your personal image will play a great part in your interview results. This is the main reason why we have to give it so much importance and pick carefully the clothes we are going to wear, even if the company is a casual one.

Coming up next are some tips on what to wear for the interview for women and men.

Women attire tips

  • Pantsuit: It’s always a good option to wear a pantsuit, it’s formal yet comfortable. Try wearing dark colors such as black, grey or navy blue.
  • Skirts: If you choose to wear a skirt make sure it’s long enough so that you’re able to sit comfortably (The length should be at or below your knee)
  • Blouse: Go for lighter colors and without any striking patterns. White, light pink or light yellow are always good options for a blouse.
  • Shoes: Your footwear should be close-toed and with a suitable heel. Stilettos or glittery shoes aren’t appropriate. Try to combine the shoes to your suit.
  • Hairstyle: First of all, your hair needs to be clean and shiny. Don’t go into too much trouble with your hairstyle, just remember to leave your face visible. A nice and low ponytail is a good option. If you like your hair down, just clip it back.
  • Pantyhose/tights: If it’s cold outside, you might want to wear them. Go for neutral colors that resemble your skin.
  • Nails: Make sure your nails are clean, filed and short to medium size. Don’t go too crazy with your nail colors. Soft nude colors are perfect or just a subtle French tip.
  • Makeup and Fragrance: You’re makeup should be natural, only use it to enhance your natural features.
    Don’t wear too much perfume, it can be distracting if your perfume smells really strong.
Dressing for an interview
Dressing for an interview

Men Attire Tips

  • Suit: Wear a one colored suit. Pick solid and dark colors such as brown, black, grey or navy blue.
  • Long sleeved button-down shirt: Combine your dress shirt with your suit. You can wear patterns as long as they aren’t too striking.
  • Shoes: They should be lace-up shoes, dark colors that go with your suit. Always remember to wear long dark socks that can cover your legs if your pants go up a bit.
  • Belt: Never forget to wear one! You really don’t want your pants to be falling down in inappropriate times.
  • Hair: It’s important for you to have clean and trimmed hair. Always shave before going to an interview. If you have a beard you don’t have to trim it, just make sure your face is clean and clear.
  • Nails: It’s important for you to have clean and short nails. Moisture your hands before going to the interview too.
  • Tie: It’s an important part of the attire, combine it with your outfit and have it well-knotted.
  • Fragrance: It’s nice for you to smell nice but don’t put too much cologne on. Avoid deodorant sprays as they tend to smell really strong.

Both men and women can carry with them a suitcase or portfolio to carry all their important documents.

Don’t show up to the interview chewing gum, drinking or eating. Remember to turn your cellphone off before entering the room. If you’re going to a formal interview and have piercings take them off and if you have tattoos try to cover them up.

Always choose your attire a few days before the interview, it’ll give you time to check for any details that the suit might have or even see if there’s something extra that you need to buy.

Always try wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable. There’s always an option if you don’t like wearing something specific. It’s important to always be you, even if it’s your professional image. Being formal isn’t difficult at all once you’ve tried all the choices you have and feel good with the ones you chose. Remember that this will be your one and only first impression, so make it count.


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