6 Qualities recruiters look for in a resume

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6 Qualities recruiters look for in a resume

It’s easy to write things on paper, but sometimes it’s not so easy writing the right words, especially when it comes to writing the resume and describing ourselves. When writing the resume it’s essential to remember that every job is different from another and therefore the needs of the employers will vary, inevitably forcing you to adjust to them.

There are several “universal” necessities that are required by most recruiters, such as communicative skills or abilities to plan and organize. Your resume has to be made according to the company’s specific needs and particular desired qualities. Keeping always in mind that the recruiter doesn’t know a thing about you and you need to make the resume speak for you and make a good first impression.

There are certain characteristics and qualities that should be emphasized in your resume in order for you to pass that very first test (that quick scan of just a few seconds made by the recruiters where they approve or discard the potential workers), some of them are:

Qualities recruiters look for in a resume
Qualities recruiters look for in a resume
  • Motivation
  • Energy
  • Intelligence
  • Cooperation/Team work
  • Compromise

There are also a few thing you might want to avoid mentioning on your resume, which are basically controversial subjects that won’t be relevant for your candidacy:

  • Religion
  • Race
  • Political Preferences
  • Salary expectations

You have to know that what the recruiter wants is finding the right employee in a short period of time; they only take about 30 seconds to see what resumes will make it to the next stage. Even if you think that it’s strange that they take so little time to find a candidate that will be part of their company, it’s something that happens all of the time and it’s understandable when you think about all the responsibilities employers have and their busy schedule.
This is the reason you have to include only the relevant qualities that the recruiter will be looking for in your resume focusing purely on the specific position and company.

There are a few qualities that all recruiters are interested in and that you can surely include in your resume, and they are listed below.

Qualities recruiters look for in a resume of an applicant:

  1. Oral and written communication: applicants with these skills are extremely valuable, especially if they can use these abilities to be able to reach out to people (colleagues, customers, associates, etc.) better. People gain experience in this area by selling products, participating in conferences and/or debates, writing articles, papers, magazines and other activities.
  2. Capacity to work in a team: team work is indispensable for almost any job, an example of this can be found in someone who’s worked with colleagues in a group trying to find solutions when a company’s going through a hard time and they had to coordinate activities and divide the tasks they should perform in order to improve the situation.
  3. Organizational skills: as an example of this point, someone could mention times when they had to plan projects, give directions to the staff, lead work teams, create new systems, develop new and efficient working patterns, among other tasks.
  4. Creative and innovative thinking: it’s always great to have employees who are able to think differently and come up with ingenious ideas. For example, a worker that helped improve a company’s productivity in any way by developing a new working system or creating a new way of doing something that wasn’t being fruitful.
  5. Leadership: have you been a leader in your past jobs? Perhaps you’ve worked directing, coordinating, controlling or handling situations in a company. It’s important to include it separately from your organizational skills and give it the focus it deserves as it is extremely relevant for most jobs.
  6. Ability to work under pressure or multitasking: companies grow every day and with it, the need for workers that can perform multiple tasks in a short period of time does too. If you feel that you are able to work just as well with plenty of job on your shoulders, include it in your resume. It’s a quality many companies are looking for nowadays.


It’s always important to check –and re-check- your resume before sending it to adjust your qualities to the job. If you do it, you’re almost guaranteed a good shot at being called for the job interview, which is the main purpose of the resume.


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