45+: 6 Tips to Professionaly Update Yourself

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6 tips to professionals 45+: Have you been migrating professionally in time?

A worker over 45 years old has probably been through an extensive road of work experiences. Possibly migrating from one job to another and with it updating its knowledge to the advancements of every day. However, there are many people that haven’t been able to update the way they were expected, playing against them when it comes to being hired.

Have you actualized and changed your profession to the modern times? 
It’s interesting to see the close relation that global advancements have with the workplace. Every discovery that has been made has changed the way the work should be done, improving and modifying our everyday practices.

It frequently happens that as we get older we stay a bit behind all this evolution. The problem is that if we don’t manage to update to the changes, the task of finding a job becomes much harder.


Let’s analyse the case of a 50 year old doctor: medicine is one of the sciences that has evolved the most during the past decades, 25 years ago medicinal practices were absolutely different. We now have advanced technological tools, new methods of diagnosis, treatments, etc. If the doctor couldn’t adapt himself, learn and evolve with the new advancements, he wouldn’t be able to perform the way he should. His methodology would probably be too retrograde and patients wouldn’t prefer him in relation to more modernized options.

If you feel identified is possible that your profession isn’t relevant nowadays. This does not mean that your possibilities are gone, all your knowledge is valuable and useful! You simply need to adapt it to the world we live in today.

We now give you a list with 6 advices for you to be able to actualize yourself and create a new chance for you in the work market.

Tips to Professionaly Update Yourself:

  1. Use all the resources you have to learn: internet? books? encyclopedias? scientific papers? You choose! Find out what your options are and choose the best ones for you.
  2. Interact with people that can help you: generate social or working relationships with people that can bring positive things to your life, maybe with an advice or teaching you how to do something new. Even someone who’s just telling you how to run a new app on your phone is bringing knowledge to your life.
  3. Discover by working: do you see any failures, problems or awkward situations in your work? It’s possible that it’s time to find a new method to carry out your tasks. If you can identify the problem, not only will you be contributing to your company, but you’ll be actualizing yourself through experience.
  4. Get trained: take advantage of every opportunity you have to be trained and be able to perfect yourself. Many trainings turn out to be very motivational, so it will make a double contribution to your life.
  5. Find new ways of education: take courses and extra classes, go to talks or conferences and find tutorials. For example: if you need to learn about computers and you don’t have time, you can take an online class that allows you to choose your schedule according to your availability.
  6. Practice: the best you can do is take all your conceptual knowledge and put it into practice, you’ll never forget it and you’ll be able to easily integrate your new skills into your tasks.

Generate in yourself the need to learn and be actualized. Make it your goal to feel the desire to acquire new skills. Knowledge is power and it’ll bring positive benefits in your professional and personal life in no time. Never be discouraged, age is just a number, there’s plenty of time left to take control and modernize yourself.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / freedigitalphotos.net