4 tips for good body language

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4 tips for good body language Job interview

Using the right type of non-verbal techniques is essential to be successful in any interview, especially a job interview, where body language is extremely relevant. Body language represents 55% of the messages that are sent during an interview; the rest of the percentage is basically what you verbally express. However, nerves can sometimes betray applicants and they might lose their focus from their body language.

The best way to use correctly your body language is to follow our tips to be relaxed the day of the interview; thereby you’ll avoid transmitting anxiety, discomfort, or stress during the conversation with your interviewer.
A cover letter and a perfect resume will undoubtedly get you an interview, but not dominating body language techniques might annihilate all of your chances. Your presentation will make you stand out from the other competitors and will give you recognition. A lot of people practice their verbal skills to go to the interview, but not so many pay attention to body language and its importance.

Greeting and the handshake

4 tips for good body language
4 tips for good body language

An infallible aspect of assertive body language is the moment when we greet the interviewer and give them a handshake. Give every member of the work team a firm handshake once you meet them in the interview; handshaking is the universal way of greeting the people you respect, and it’s an important part of your body language. Whether you’re just meeting the person or not, handshaking firmly and reassuring is a respectful way of acknowledging their presence and authority.
You don’t have to squeeze their hand too much, just use the necessary strength to communicate your determination and enthusiasm for the job interview.

Eye contact

One of the most important parts of body language is visual contact; look at them –recruiters- as natural as possible. Always keep eye contact with the person that is talking to you or to whom you’re responding to. When you move your eyes all around the room, you’ll be sending a message to the interviewers, a negative one, a message that says you’re uncomfortable and are looking for ways to avoid the situation. If for any reason you are feeling uncomfortable when staring at your interviewer, without being too obvious, you can find another spot in the interviewers face to stare at when having the conversation.

Position and posture

The best way to use a good body language is to control our body posture during the job interview. Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed, and your back straight. Direct your shoulders downwards and extend your neck to show relaxation. Avoid pushing your stomach out, contract your abdominal muscles to have a straight posture and project a good body language. You can also lean forward to show interest and attention in the conversation.

Arms and hands

Out of all the body language expressions, one of the easiest to read are our hands. To transmit a positive message always keep your hands in a visible place. A regular mistake is to hide your hands in your pockets or under the table. Put your forearms in a 90° angle in relation to your body and put your hands in your lap to project a relaxed and confident body language.


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