The Resume Practical Guide

 The Resume Tutorial: Practical Guide to write de Resume

How effective your resume is written? How long does it take to write a resume that is truly successful? Most successful resumes have gone through a long chain of revisions and corrections. However, sometimes when we need an efficient CV immediately, without having to face an arduous process of trial and error, that can cost a major employment opportunity. The “Resume Practical guide” is designed with one goal in mind: to write a professional resume clearly and effectively, taking into account the 10 key steps to a successful CV:

  1. How to start writing a resume?
  2. Purposes and goals of the resume
  3. How to improve your resume
  4. The resume as a first impression
  5. Basic Resume Types
  6. Writing the resume: where to emphasize
  7. 6 Qualities recruiters look for in a resume
  8. Recommendations for writing your resume
  9. Printing and writing the resume with a template
  10. The different sections of the resume

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