Being prepared is essential for the job interview

Get ready: Being prepared is essential for the job interview It’s time for the interview; stress, fear and anxiety take over you. What to do? How to be successful? A simple word can solve your doubts and it is: preparation. It might happen that people always tell you to prepare yourself before going to a job … Read more

Job Interview: What are your aspirations?

How to respond to: What are your aspirations in our company? You’re in the interview and suddenly you’re asked: What are you looking for in our company? It’s a very complicated question mainly because of the many interpretations that it has. You’ll now know what the expected approach would be and the best way to … Read more

Is the interviewer a Professional?

What should we pay attention to when the interviewer is a Professional in Human Resources and when he’s not? In a job interview we might find different types of interviewers, in this opportunity we’ll analyse the differences that we should consider when the person in charge is a PHR and when he’s not. All interviewer’s … Read more