job interview online simulation

Be ready: Job interview online simulation! If you want to prepare yourself in the best way for the next job interview , you should do homework, ie to do a demo interview practice online or helped by a friend or colleague. One of the most effective methods to prepare for the job interview is by … Read more

What will I be asked in the job interview?

Frequently asked questions in the job interview Are you graduating college and want to work? Are you still studying but want to find a job? Maybe you are the first in your class or you’ve received a job offer while still studying, you’re probably having some doubts that might make you nervous before the interview, doubts that … Read more

What to do at the beginning and during the interview

What to do at the beginning and during the interview We assume now that you’ve already checked out all the steps and advice we’ve given you to be ready for the interview; preparing your attire, researching the company and rehearsing your questions and answers. After all of your preparation the interview day will come and … Read more

5 Questions and Doubts in the interview

Questions and Doubts in the interview Did you ever wonder: “Should I be asking questions in an interview?” Generally when the interview is about to finish you’ll be asked if you have any doubts or questions regarding the job. The common thing to do is basically say “No, I feel everything has been covered”; people … Read more

Body language in a job interview

Body language in a job interview, the importance of nonverbal communication We often hear how nonverbal communication is very important in a job interview, however, it’s rarely given the attention that it needs. After all, before pronouncing a word, your body language already gave other people the first impression of you. Your body language in … Read more