Body language in a job interview

Body language in a job interview, the importance of nonverbal communication We often hear how nonverbal communication is very important in a job interview, however, it’s rarely given the attention that it needs. After all, before pronouncing a word, your body language already gave other people the first impression of you. Your body language in … Read more

Purposes and goals of the resume

Purposes and goals of the resume Many people get the purpose and the goals of sending a resume wrong. They assume that because they need the job so badly, the goal of the resume is to get the job, but that is quite wrong. The goal of the resume isn’t to get the job, but … Read more

Advantages of hiring someone over 45

Advantages & Reasons of hiring someone over 45 years old People over 45 years that are currently unemployed face a hard time when it comes to finding a job. It’s not news to us that young people are preferred when recruiting staff. However, people over 45 have distinguishing features that make them extremely valuable and … Read more

Follow Up after the interview

Follow Up after the interview: Increase your chances of being hired Congratulations! You’ve finished the interview process and you are now anxiously waiting for that phone call or e-mail. What to do while waiting for the job offer? Well, every company has different timings to make the final decision; that’s why it’s important for you … Read more

8 tips: Dressing for an interview

Dressing for an interview: Image and Professional Attire for a job interview It is a fact that many struggle finding the right clothes to wear for an interview. It is, after all, the first time you will walk through the doors of the company you want to work for. But you are not to worry, … Read more

When is the right time to send the resume?

Sending the resume: Days and hours to send an effective resume-email Is there a perfect moment to send the resume? Of course there is! Find out now when to send the resume to get effective results. Sending resumes through e-mail is becoming a frequent method these days, in fact, there are several companies that only … Read more