Professions with no language?

Are there professions with no language? What are they? Searching for a job without speaking its language can be one of the most frustrating experiences that a person can live throughout its work life. The situation could get even worse if the job hunt continues without being able to have an effective communication, impacting directly … Read more

Entrepreneurship: Young people take more risks

Entrepreneurship: Adults and young people take risks But, young entrepreneurs are riskier than adults While on a constant search of our individual economic progress, we have been forced to look for different methods to find a way of financially sustaining ourselves. Formerly, starting a business was something that very few dared to do; nowadays, this … Read more

Putting the age in the resume

Resume: In some countries you don’t have to put your age Age Discrimination is a very worrying subject in many places of the world. Especially if we see it from a perspective where the possibilities of people who are older (or younger) could be prejudiced. In some countries, mainly European and industrialized ones –and with … Read more

Basic Resume formats

The Basic Resume Types Before starting to create a resume it’s important that you know that there are different formats to them and therefore different options for you to use depending on the job you’re applying to. There are basically three resume formats: chronological, functional and a combination of them both. Their main difference is … Read more